2021 Spring BCS Open House

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Dear BCS Parents and Students,

Thank you to those who were able to join us at the virtual open house yesterday. It was wonderful to see you! If you were not able to make it, here is an outline of the changes made for the upcoming semester.

◦ Implementing Teaching Guidelines

◦ Adding Textbooks

◦ Changing Instruction time to 45-minute group meeting & 15-minute one-on-one meeting per week

◦ Changing the number of live sessions to a total of 12 group sessions & 12 one-on-one meetings per semester

◦ Tuition

For now, we are planning to provide two classes to two age groups, 5-7 and 8-10. If the learner(s) are not in the two age groups or the learner(s) have taken Chinese classes before, please contact us via lettywm@blacksburgchineseschool.org. We offer a free 20-minute consulting session to meet with the learner(s) to learn about your needs and your Chinese language proficiency.

Below is information about the spring semester non-heritage classes:

1. Starting date of the spring semester: Saturday, 1/23, 2021

2. Length of the spring semester: 1/23 - 4/17 (a total of 12 live sessions and 12 one-on-one sessions)

3. Online live session meeting time: 10:00 am to 10:45 am

4. One-on-one session: the class teacher will schedule a time that works for both parties during the first week of the semester. All one-on-one sessions start in the second week.

5. Tuition: $150 for spring 2021 (Note: This is a discounted rate because of the pandemic and learning from home. Each learner receives a $30 discount on the regular tuition of $180 per semester & a free set of textbooks which is worth $50 if you register and pay by January 22, 2021. Attached you can find an e-brochure that gives you an overview of the textbooks).

To register, please click on the link below:


Feel free to contact us via lettywm@blacksburgchineseshcool.org if you have questions regarding classes and textbooks.

If you have questions related to registration, please contact us via principal@blacksburgchinesesschool.org.


Blacksburg Chinese School