2019 August Newsletter

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Volume 08 Issue 3

Back to School:

  • Heritage class starts on Aug 18th. Non-Heritage class and culture classes start after the Labor Day. 
  • BCS's course registration is still opened. Please click HERE to register classes for the new semester.
  • BCS will join the Blacksburg Steppin Out on Aug 2 & 3 and set up a booth there. Your help will be needed, please sign up HERE
  • Welcome the two new members, Michelle Broecher and Dan Sable to join in BCS's board. Dan Sable is the associate director of the BCS's board.

What happened in June and July:

1. Kids had a good time in the Chinese Language & Culture Summer Camp. And they learned a lot about Chinese and the culture. Appreciate the hard work of Dr. I-Ping Fu.

2. BCS successfully hosted the 2019 Cookies and Lemonade Standout at Kroger South Main on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Great work everyone!

3. BCS's board meeting held on July 26, 2019. Two new members joined the BCS's board. They are Michelle Broecher and Dan Sable. Dan Sable is the associate director of the BCS's board.

Want to Perform?

Anyone wants to perform please contact Sofia Midkiff (540-230-5051) as we are planning for the upcoming festivals and celebrations for school year 18-19. Singing, dancing, instruments, storytelling, martial arts, tai chi, etc. 

Events in August

1. To register the classes in the new semester, please click HERE.

2. Heritage class will start on Aug 18th. And non-heritage classes and the classes in culture program will start after the Labor Day (9/2.)

3. BCS opens a new heritage class, Recitation and Drama performance for grade-three and above students. The course will be on every Sunday afternoon from 3:00 to 3:45 pm. To register the course, please click HERE. And for more detailed information, please see the following flyer.

4. BCS's Open House on Saturday, Aug 24th, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm @ Blacksburg Chinese School.

5. BCS will join in the Blacksburg Steppin Out on Aug 2 & 3 and set up a booth there. Your help will be needed, please sign up HERE


Current Classes

  • NH-Happy Chinese - These courses; are designed for age 5-8 non-heritage children with; some Chinese/immersion program; background. The goal is to; prepare students; enough basic listening and speaking skills, help them successfully step up to Heritage classes to start learning reading and writing characters. Come to join us once or twice a week for 60/90 minutes to continue exploring the Chinese language and culture.
  • Chinese YoYo Group - Experience Chinese culture through a cool, fun and attractive traditional Chinese martial art. Children enrolled the regularly attending. This class will have the options to perform in NRV areas. This class is for 6+ boys and girls. And the class is free to everyone.

Feedbacks are welcome! Please send emails to president@blacksburgchineseschool.org for any comments, suggestions, etc.


Sponsorship Program

We started the sponsorship program and information will be posted on the website, as well as on each Newsletter. Please check it out and help the school to find more sponsors. When you need such services, please consider our kind sponsors.

Real Life Dental
Real Life Smiles
Chinese Kitchen
Oasis World Market
Renaissance Music Academy of Virginia
The Inn at Virginia Tech
Blacksburg Eye Associates
Jackson Hewitt Tax Service
Richard Anthony, DDS
The Lyric Theatre, Blacksburg
Moss Arts Center, Virginia Tech
Hunan King, Blacksburg

The Lyric theater - the heart of BlacksburgMoss Arts Center



Heritage classes (Sunday afternoons)
All classes will start on Aug 18.

H1/H2/H6/H7: 1:15 ~ 2:45 pm
Recitation and Drama Performance: 3:00 ~ 3:45 pm

H3/H4/H5: 4:00 ~ 5:30 pm

Non-heritage classes
All classes will start after Labor Day (9/2)

Kipps After School Chinese:  
Wednesdays, 3:45-5:00 pm

Saturday Chinese:
Saturdays, 2:00 - 3:30 pm

Rainbow Rider Happy Chinese:
Mondays and Fridays, 4:00 - 5:00 pm

Culture Program

Chinese Yo-Yo
Starday afternoon @TBD 

Wushu with Andrew
Time: TBD 
@ 104 Landsdowne St. 

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