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Volume 7 Issue 10
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We have been through half of Fall semester.  Classes, including both heritage and non-heritage Chinese language classes, and various cultural programs, are going well in general.  We  thank parents very much for watching the door at 700 N. Main on Sunday afternoons!  Due to the high volume of cars parked there, it is increasingly difficult to find a parking space, which caused inconvenience for parents and students.  Taking turns to watch the door makes it easier for parents to drop off or pick up students in between classes.

In this month we are celebrating one of the most important traditional holidays, Mid-Autumn Festival. Our Flowers Dance group and Yoyo will perform in a celebration organized by 
VT-ACSSin Burruss Hall on October 14.  The Yoyo group will perform in a celebration hosted by the Chinese Club at Radford University in Covington Performance Hall on 21st.  Next month we are going to have a Fall party.  Detailed info will be available soon.  Math Kangaroo 2018 is scheduled on 3/15/2018, and registration starts on 10/22. We will send out email shortly.

Chinese Language Classes

  • Heritage Chinese Levels 1/2/3/4/5/7 中文母语班
    • H2/H3/H5 @BCS Classroom at 1:30pm-3:00pm
    • H1/H4/H7 @BCS Classroom at 3:15pm-4:45pm
  • Non-Heritage Chinese
    • NH Chinese after-school @ Kipps Elementary.  Thursdays at 3:45-5pm
    • Happy Chinese.  Saturdays @BCS Classroom at 10:30am-noon
    • Conversation Chinese (Adults) @CRC. Thursdays at 12:30-1:30pm
    • Chinese @CRC. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4-4:30pm, 4:30-5pm 
  • AP Chinese
    • Sundays @BCS Classroom at 1:30-3pm 

Chinese Cultural Classes

  • Chinese YoYo Group
    • Sundays 3-4pm (Time varies. See right side.) @ Blacksburg Library
  • Lion Dance
    • Sundays 4-5pm (Time & schedule varie. See right side.) @ Blacksburg Library
  • Flowers Dance Group
    • Saturdays 6-7:30pm @ Blacksburg Library.
  • Children's Calligraphy
    • Saturdays 11am--12pm @BCS Classroom

Counting @Kipps


BCS parents attended meetings at Montgomery County Public School Board on September 5th and 19th, and on October 3rd.  Here  is a video recording of the October 3rd meeting starting at  44.53 min, and a public address script by Mrs. Tiffany Trent.  A big salute to these parents!  Our goal is to convince the officials that it is important to offer Chinese as a foreign language at the middle and high school levels at multiple sites in the district.  The meetings are regularly scheduled on the first and third Tuesday of each month.  Please sign up for future board meetings

BCS board meeting

On Saturday, October 7th, BCS board met at 700 North Main location. First of all, the board approved Principal Jingjing Huang's 2017-2018 budget proposal. Then board members discussed various options of potential new classroom locations, and a petition of World Language Diversity Initiatives. Members watched video clips of several BCS parents' public address at MCPS general board meeting on October 3rd (44:53m Eagle, 49:40m Yang, 52:40m Tiffany), and talked about the possibilities of MCEF Grant Proposal.
BCS administrators Contact Info
Blacksburg Chinese School Board of Directors
President: I-Mo Fu    
Directors: I-Ping Fu, Carola Haas, Tom Roberts, Eagle Wang, Chunxiao Zhang
Lion Dance class is still open for enrollment for Dec. Holiday Parade and 2018 Spring Festival.  Contactinfo@blacksburgchineseschool.org !
We need more teachers!  Please contact us viainfo@blacksburgchineseschool.org to recommend parents and friends to join us in teaching.

On Saturday, November 11th at1-2 pm in Blacksburg Library Susan Chen, a current VT graduate student at the Department of Human Nutrition's, Food and Exercise, will give a presentation about food waste for the kids.  Please come join us!


 Language Classes

10/1 Sun: H1/H4/H7 #7 @3:15pm; H2/H3/H5 #7, AP Chinese @1:30pm

10/03 Tue: Chinese@CRC #3 @4:00pm and @4:30pm

10/05 Thur: Conversational Chinese@CRC @12:30pm; Chinese@Kipps #7 @3:45pm; Chinese@CRC #4 @4:00pm and @4:30pm

10/07 Sat: Happy Chinese #6 @10:30am

10/8 Sun: H1/H4/H7 #8 @3:15pm; H2/H3/H5 #8, AP Chinese @1:30pm

10/10 Tue: Chinese@CRC #5 @4:00pm and @4:30pm

10/12 Thur: Conversational Chinese@CRC @12:30pm; Chinese@Kipps #8 @3:45pm; Chinese@CRC #6 @4:00pm and @4:30pm

10/14 Sat: Happy Chinese #7 @10:30am

10/15 Sun: H1/H4/H7 #9 @3:15pm; H2/H3/H5 #9, AP Chinese @1:30pm

10/17 Tue: Chinese@CRC #7 @4:00pm and @4:30pm

10/19 Thur: Conversational Chinese@CRC @12:30pm; Chinese@Kipps #9 @3:45pm; Chinese@CRC #8 @4:00pm and @4:30pm

10/21 Sat: Happy Chinese #8 @10:30am

10/22 Sun: H1/H4/H7 #10 @3:15pm; H2/H3/H5 #10, AP Chinese @1:30pm

10/24 Tue: Chinese@CRC #9 @4:00pm and @4:30pm

10/26 Thur: Conversational Chinese@CRC @12:30pm; No Chinese@Kipps; Chinese@CRC #10 @4:00pm and @4:30pm

10/28 Sat: Happy Chinese #9 @10:30am

10/29 Sun: H1/H4/H7 #11 @3:15pm; H2/H3/H5 #11, AP Chinese @1:30pm

10/30 Tue: Chinese@CRC #11 @4:00pm and @4:30pm

11/02 Thur: Conversational Chinese@CRC @12:30pm; Chinese@Kipps #10 @3:45pm; Chinese@CRC #12 @4:00pm and @4:30pm

11/04 Sat: Happy Chinese #10 @10:30am

11/05 Sun: H1/H4/H7 #12 @3:15pm; H2/H3/H5 #12, AP Chinese @1:30pm (Some class(es) might be cancelled because Yoyo Ma will perform at Moss @3pm.)

11/07 Tue: Chinese@CRC #13 @4:00pm and @4:30pm

11/09 Thur: Conversational Chinese@CRC @12:30pm; Chinese@Kipps #11 @3:45pm; Chinese@CRC #14 @4:00pm and @4:30pm

11/11 Sat: Happy Chinese #11 @10:30am

11/12 Sun: H1/H4/H7 #13 @3:15pm; H2/H3/H5 #13, AP Chinese @1:30pm; 

11/14 Tue: Chinese@CRC #15 @4:00pm and @4:30pm

11/16 Thur: Conversational Chinese@CRC @12:30pm; Chinese@Kipps #12 @3:45pm; Chinese@CRC #16 @4:00pm and @4:30pm

11/18 Sat: No Happy Chinese

11/19 Sun: H1/H4/H7 #14 @3:15pm; H2/H3/H5 #14, AP Chinese @1:30pm;

11/23 Thur: No Conversational Chinese@CRC; No Chinese@Kipps

11/25 Sat: No Happy Chinese

11/26 Sun: No H1/H4/H7; No H2/H3/H5, No AP Chinese;

11/30 Thur: Conversational Chinese@CRC @12:30pm; Chinese@Kipps #13 @3:45pm

 Cultural Classes

10/01 Sun: Chinese Yo Yo Group @3:30pm; Lion Dance @4pm

10/07 Sat: Children's Calligraphy @11am; Traditional Chinese Dance @6:00pm

10/08 Sun: Chinese Yo Yo Group @3:00pm; Lion Dance @4pm

10/14 Sat: Children's Calligraphy @11am; Traditional Chinese Dance @6:00pm 

10/15 Sun: Chinese Yo Yo Group, Lion Dance @4:00pm

10/21 Sat: Children's Calligraphy @11am; Traditional Chinese Dance @6:00pm

 School Events

10/14 Sat: VT-ACSS Autumn Moon Festival in Burruss Hall @7pm

10/21 Sat: RU Mid Autumn Festival in Covington Performance Hall @2pm

11/11 Sat: A Presentation about food waste for the kids by Susan Chen in Blacksburg Library @1pm
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