Blacksburg Chinese School Board of Directors

 President & Director
 Eagle Wang  
 I-Ping Fu  
 Carola Haas  
 Sofia Midkiff  
 Tom Roberts  
 Chunxiao Zhang  

Director Wang wrote:



BCS 2017 Fall Semester Opening Message

As a newly appointed member to the Board and on behalf of my colleagues, I am honored to give my warmest welcome to all the new and existing students and their parents of the Blacksburg Chinese School. Your involvement and support to BCS has made all our development and growth possible. Let's continue our collaborative work side by side to help our culture and language inherited and demonstrated. I truly and strongly believe that our efforts today will help us and our offspring stick to and expand our shared roots in addition to bring its contribution to present our Chinese community as a tightly connected group in front of our peers on the land where we live.