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After School Language Classes at Local Schools

Weekend Cultural Classes at Cranwell

Weekend Language Classes at Cranwell

Community Cultural Events


Summer Camp

Private/Small Group Tutoring

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Blacksburg Chinese School Performs at RU Chinese New Year celebration. (Article) + (Video)

Weekly Chinese classes


Montgomery County Public Schools

(Beeks, Linkous, Harding Ave. and Kipps)

For whom: children age 5 and up. Our classes are divided into different levels based on students’ language background.

When:  3:30pm – 5pm (Feb. to May.  2014)

Tue @ Linkous, Wed @ Beeks & Kipps, Thu @ Harding

  1. Sunday Language Classes @ Cranwell

MZHY#3 ( 1:30pm~3:00pm)

MZHY#1 ( 3:00pm~4:30pm)

Youth Group #1 (2:30pm~4:00pm)

Youth Group #2(4:00pm~5:30pm)

Sunday Culture Classes @ Blacksburg Town Library

Chinese Yo-Yo (2:00pm~2:45pm)

Erhu ( 3:00pm~3:45pm)

Gongfu Age 5-7 (4:00pm~4:50pm)

Gongfu Age 8-12 (5:00pm~5:50pm)

Come & Have fun with us!