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After School Language Classes at Local Schools

Weekend Cultural Classes at Cranwell

Weekend Language Classes at Cranwell

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Dear BCS families and supporters,
Are you staying in town this summer? We would like to invite you to join us in exploring ancient China. We will meet at the Blacksburg Library. Our tour guides will lead you on an exciting journey. No air traveling is required. Monday through Friday: 9am—4pm, bring your own lunch
Here is our schedule for exploration:

Monday through Friday: 9am—4pm, bring your own lunch

7/14— 7/18 : 汉字的故事 What stories are behind those Chinese characters?
7/21—7/25 : 中国朝代历史 How old are those Chinese dynasties?
7/28—8/1 : 中国五大古都 Where did major historical events occur?
Explorers are invited: age 4 and up (anyone who is curious to explore)

Registration Fee: $30 (one time fee for this summer)

Cost: $120/explorer per Week (10% family discount available)

***The first 10 explorers signed up will receive our special 35th Anniversary gifts.***

Online registration

Please contact us if you have any questions.
Have a great summer!

Blacksburg Chinese School


BCS will have a booth at Steppin’ Out Aug 1-2

Blacksburg Chinese School Performs at RU Chinese New Year celebration. (Article) + (Video)

Weekly Chinese classes


Montgomery County Public Schools

(Beeks, Linkous, Harding Ave. and Kipps)

For whom: children age 5 and up. Our classes are divided into different levels based on students’ language background.

When:  3:30pm – 5pm (Feb. to May.  2014)

Tue @ Linkous, Wed @ Beeks & Kipps, Thu @ Harding

  1. Sunday Language Classes @ Cranwell

MZHY#3 ( 1:30pm~3:00pm)

MZHY#1 ( 3:00pm~4:30pm)

Youth Group #1 (2:30pm~4:00pm)

Youth Group #2(4:00pm~5:30pm)

Sunday Culture Classes @ Blacksburg Town Library

Chinese Yo-Yo (2:00pm~2:45pm)

Erhu ( 3:00pm~3:45pm)

Gongfu Age 5-7 (4:00pm~4:50pm)

Gongfu Age 8-12 (5:00pm~5:50pm)

Come & Have fun with us!